Friday Night Speial – 4 Courses €25.95


4 Courses €25.95

Stuffed Pork Belly

Crispy pork belly stuffed with black pudding s/w creamy mash & French style peas finished with an apple & date glaze (contains) (c) 6 9 14

Kerala Style Curry

Chicken OR Veggies in a red chilli, coconut milk, lentil & sweet potato medium heat curry. s/w burnt onion rice & naan bread (contains) (va)(ca)

Chicken Italiano

Pan seared chicken breast t/w melted parmesan & mild cheddar on a fresh basil & tomato spaghetti s/w pesto croute (contains) (ca) 1 6 7

Cajun Salmon Noodles

Cajun infused blackened salmon on wok fried vegetables & Thai noodles with coriander, lime juice & soya sauce (contains) (va) 1 3

7oz Striploin Steak

Accompanied with cherry tomatoes, onion ring, garlic mushrooms, chunky fries/mash / garlic potatoes & choice of red wine gravy, peppercorn sauce, blue cheese or garlic butter (ca) (contains)(1)(2)(6)(14)   €5 supplement

Homemade Soup of the Day

With Chef’s rustic bread (contains) (va) (ca) 1 6 8

Garlic Mushrooms

Lightly fried garlic infused button mushrooms coated in a panko crumb. s/w mini salad, zesty garlic & chive mayo (contains) (v) 1 2 5 6

Potato Skins

Twice fried marris piper potato skins with bacon or sundried tomatoes, cheese & jalapenos. s/w garlic mayo (contains) (va) (ca) 2 5 6

Wings 2 Ways

Lightly fried to crisp, tossed in our Louisiana hot sauce OR homemade bbq sauce s/w sour cream & chive OR blue cheese (contains) (ca) 2 5 6 9